The Foundation of Truth

The fastest way to get from a dangerous situation to a safe situation is to be aware of the truth of the danger. When children run out into a busy street, they do it because they have not yet learned of the danger. They run off in pursuit of a toy, a pet or simply because it’s fun. It’s not as though they are believing a lie, or being rebellious, it’s just that they are oblivious to the truth. It hasn’t entered into their mind the danger of the street.

When we go through each day simply entering into the various situations that cross our paths without having a foundation of truth, we might find ourselves in a dangerous situation without realizing it. Temptation will suddenly appear. Sooner than we can turn away, we find ourselves in the middle of sin or darkness and we will have no way out.

Building a foundation of truth in our lives helps us deal with the dangers of each day. And it requires the input of truth into our hearts and minds through Scripture, good teaching and listening prayer.

How much truth is entering your life each day? If you were to think about biblical truth and cultural messages, which of the two captures more of your attention? Which of the two is building a foundation of your life?

We need the truth of God each day because if we fail to receive it daily, we will fail to recognize and escape daily danger. We will be lost in the darkness, feeling around for a way out, trying to figure it out on our own.