Our Testimony is Eternal Life

What is it that distinguishes us from everyone else? That is a question I ask often. We who follow and treasure Jesus must be different than other people somehow, right? Most of us look pretty normal at first glance, and that’s fine. But when we spend a little more time, and pay a little more attention, there is a difference between someone who treasures Jesus and someone who doesn’t.

This morning I read from 1 John 5. Verse 11 says this: “And this is the testimony, that God gave us eternal life, and this life is in his Son.” (ESV)

My prayer as a response to this passage is, Lord, help me and my family to live in such a way that our hope for eternal life gives us such deep confidence and peace, so that our behaviour, words, attitude, and character cannot be silenced by any threat to our lives or our identity. May our lives be a bold testimony of our eternal security, which will result in everyone around us being either drawn into the gospel or offended by it. My desire is that everyone who interacts with us will be in some way affected by the testimony of eternal life that we have in Jesus Christ.