Desiring the Kingdom Part 2

The trouble you are likely facing is that the treasures, or even the troubles, we experience here on earth seem to be far more appealing than a relationship with God, or they distract us and make us forget about God altogether. One of the first things we need to do is acknowledge our temptation to treasure the satisfying of our fleshly desires more than a relationship with God.

The problem is mainly that the beauty of Jesus is distant and dim. I only want to offer one suggestion as a remedy for this problem. My suggestion is that you tell yourself and others of the beauty of Jesus. Increase your vision of Jesus through scripture/prayer and through community. Talk with God and with others and to yourself in prayer and in conversation about the wonders and the majesty of Jesus and about how thankful you are for the relationship he invites you into.

The reason this will work is that when you start down the path of exalting someone, and you start looking for ways that person is beautiful and wonderful, you will discover all sorts of ways you love that person and it will turn into joy.

When you are having trouble with your children, your siblings, your parents, with your friends, and with your spouse, the best way to bring reconciliation and begin to see how much you love them, is to start looking at them as lovely and loveable.

The difference with God is that everything about him is lovely. He has no flaws. He has nothing worthy of being despised. When we lack a vision for the glory of God and the beauty of Jesus, it is not that he has done something to lower his worth. When we lack a vision for the glory of God, it’s because we have bought into a lie that Jesus is not as worthy as some other thing in our life. Something else has become more important to us, and it has dimmed the glory of God.

The only thing God asks of us is to want what he has to offer. This is where counting the things of his kingdom more valuable than anything else comes in.

If we consider the pleasures of the world and being accepted into God’s kingdom to be of equal value, we reject what God has to offer. Paul is saying that all things are considered worthless compared to knowing Christ, so it is a happy trade-off to deny all things that would get in the way of God’s kingdom.

The next post will provide what I hope will be a fresh perspective on desire and how we can increase our vision of the infinite worth of Jesus.